Get Your Band Together
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Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Jim Odgren

Instrumento: Sax Alto - Sax Barítono

Formato: Livro / Partitura / 160 páginas / Audio Online

UPC: 073999494372

Você vai aprender melodia e improvisação; fraseado; articulação; respiração; acordes; escalas; teoria; acompanhamento; leitura musical; interpretação e muito mais! Além disso, você terá práticas diárias para estudar sozinho ou em grupo. Acompanha audio online com demonstrações de estilos variados como rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing e bossa nova. As faixas de áudio estão disponíveis online, juntamente com um player digital multifuncional (Playback+), que permite alterar o andamento sem alterar o tom, definir pontos específicos para tocar (loop), alterar o tom, além de balanço direita/esquerda.

Audio Online

Berklee Press

Sinopse Original:

This is the first-ever method that teaches you how to play in a rock band. Learn what all the great musicians seem to know intuitively, how to listen, interact and respond, improvise, and become part of the groove. Developed by the faculty of Berklee College of Music, the book and play-along will help improve your timing, technique, and reading ability. Become the great player that everyone wants to have in their band.

Lessons throughout this book guide you through technique that is specific to playing the saxophone in a contemporary ensemble. When you play in a band, your primary concern is with melody and improvisation, how to develop your mastery of phrasing, articulations, breathing, chords, scales, and improvisation techniques. Daily practice routines are designed for practicing by yourself or with other musicians. The accompanying audio online features outstanding Berklee players and covers a variety of styles including rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing, and bossa nova.

Topics include:

.learning by ear
.theory and technique
.rhythmic interpretation
.song form
.interpreting lead sheets

This series coordinates methods for many different instruments, and all are based on the same tunes, in the same keys. If you know a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, horn player, etc., have them pick up the Berklee Practice Method for their own instrument, and jam together!


"What a great idea, a basic book for all the instruments that form a combo. This offers students an opportunity to play together and develop a sense of teamwork, while at the same time, learning technical details about their instruments. I feel it is very correct to insist in training the ear, the ability to compose, and especially to read music. As a saxophonist, I am pleased at how Jim Odgren and Bill Pierce combine technical aspects, such as the use of breathing and articulation, with concepts that are purely artistic, whether playing as part of the rhythm section or as a soloist."

- Paquito D'Rivera, Three-Time Grammy-Award-Winning Saxophonist/Clarinetist/Composer

"An effective way for you to read charts and play along with other musicians in a real-time playing environment. The book will keep your nose in the music and the audio will keep your ears open to the goings-on of the other musicians who are playing. Have fun, practice regularly, and enjoy this fine book."

- Jeff Berlin

"True to the tradition of Berklee College of Music to thoroughly train students to be professional musicians, this method is a great workout. An excellent practice book covering many styles, which will help you learn the necessities of working in the rhythm section creatively."

- Carol Kaye, Bass recording legend, Pioneer in authoring tutors for the electric bass, Educator at the Henry Mancini Institute-UCLA

"A thorough and practical guide with an emphasis on presenting information that will inspire and enable you to begin making music with others right away. All the basics are covered, from a clear presentation of music structure and theory to the dissection and analysis of eight distinct musical styles. An invaluable aid for those interested in filling in the gaps in their knowledge and gaining the tools to help them continue to learn and grow."

- Russell Ferrante, Founding member of Yellowjackets

"Teachers are invaluable, practicing by yourself is critical, but performing in a band is the most valuable experience of all. That's what is so special about this series: it gives you the theory you need, but also prepares you to play in a band. This series will help you master the skills you need to become a creative, expressive, and supportive musician that anyone would want to have in their band."

- Gary Burton, Executive Vice President, Berklee College of Music