EAR TRAINING - Vol 3: Capturing the Basic Chord Sound Qualities - Elvo D Amante

A Comprehensive Approach To The Systematic Study Of Melodic and Harmonic Structures In Music
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Código: JA-EAR3

Editora: Jamey Aebersold

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Elvo D Amante

Instrumento: Todos

Formato: Livro / 4 CD

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Over 290 Minutes Of Lessons, Studies and Drills - Four CDs Included

Este curso completo possui 11 CDs, mais de 760 minutos de exercícios musicais do renomado educador Elvo D Amante para treiná-lo a ouvir, identificar, tocar, reconhecer e cantar escalas, modos, intervalos e acordes. Este estudo permite a excelência em performance musical, possibilidades para improvisação e entendimento de conceitos melódicos e harmônicos. A musicalidade está totalmente relacionada à habilidade e percepção auditiva, e este curso busca este desenvolvimento.
Este é o terceiro volume da série, e seu foco é "Capturando As Qualidades Sonoras dos Acordes"



Sinopse Original:
Ear Training is a course of study that is meant for the serious-minded musician. It is a comprehensive three volume, 11-CD course authored by renowned music educator Elvo S. D'Amante to train you to hear, identify, play, recognize, and sing scales, modes, intervals, and chords. This study provides the foundation for excellence in music performance, insights into improvisation, and an understanding of melodic and harmonic concepts; it is the optimum study for enhancing one's ear. Musicianship is directly related to one's ability to hear and capture the essence of melodic and/or harmonic invention. Great for any instrumentalist or singer. Once you've started this program you'll begin to hear and perform music in a new and profound way. Isn't it time that you trained your ear?
This book and its 4 CDs shows you how to identify various chord families, capture their unique sounds, and aurally recognize their different chord qualities. You will be prepared for graded drills with lessons and studies involving triads, seventh chords, and their various inversions. The materials cover octave alignment, broken chords, chord sets, chords of like-quality and clearly defines the process of identification along with chord symbol designations.
Four Customary Triads Plus Two Dominant-related Triads
Intervals of the Seventh
Dominant Seventh Chords
Major Seventh Chords
Minor Seventh Chords
Half-diminished Seventh Chords
Fully-diminished Seventh Chords
Minor/Major Seventh Chords
Seventh Chord Inversions