TURN IT UP & LAY IT DOWN - Vol. 7 - Playin´ The Odd´s

Play-Along CD For Drummers
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Editora: DVD

Idioma: Inglês

Instrumento: Bateria


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A coleção Turn It Up & Lay It Down permite que você coloque em prática todo o seu aprendizado e criatividade. Estes CDs não apresentam partituras ou qualquer teoria, é a pura prática. Coloque o CD e toque os diversos estilos propostos. Gravações de excelente qualidade, próprias para workshops, apresentações ou estudo particular.

Neste volume você irá encontrar play-alongs em compassos ímpares para praticar grooves em diferentes métricas e tempos. O estilo é funk-fusion. 

Sinopse Original:

My good friend Mike Donovan from DrumBum.com tells this great story about when he attended a Vinnie Colaiuta clinic and someone raised their hand to ask, "Hey Vinnie, what's your approach to odd time?" Boy, you should have heard the silence in the room. We were all expecting an hour long dissertation on advanced Indian tabla and its polyrhythmic applications to underlying meters (or something). I mean after all, this was Vinnie talking! - Berklee alumni, Zappa guru, ...the master of time manipulation!

Vinnie paused for a moment, took a drag of his cigarette and replied in his very "cool" manner, "I dunno man… I just like … I just like play in 7 for an hour or two."
Man, you should have heard the applause in the room. The place fell out! It seemed everybody "got it" at the same time and were blown away by his answer. Anyone that's played long enough realizes that one of the best ways to understand (or get good at) anything is to just do it a lot. A whole helluva lot!

So, I just wanted to share this with other drummers out there and say to them; don't worry about the odd time stuff. Dive right in head first and just "play". Learn one odd time beat and just play it for an hour. This will build your confidence overnight.

So, Here are the tracks for you to "dive into"... "Playin' the Odd's" Turn it Up & lay it down Vol 7.

Have fun.