TURN IT UP & LAY IT DOWN - Vol. 8 - Denny´s Mix

Play-Along CD For Drummers
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Editora: DVD

Idioma: Inglês

Instrumento: Bateria


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A coleção Turn It Up & Lay It Down permite que você coloque em prática todo o seu aprendizado e criatividade. Estes CDs não apresentam partituras ou qualquer teoria, é a pura prática. Coloque o CD e toque os diversos estilos propostos. Gravações de excelente qualidade, próprias para workshops, apresentações ou estudo particular.

Este volume apresenta as composições de Denny Jiosa, um Smooth Jazz contemporâneo que apresenta uma mistura de Wes Montgomery com Eric Clapton e uma sonoridade bem moderna. 

Sinopse Original:

This collaboration is the first in our "Artist Series" Play-Alongs and features the music of Smooth Jazz great Denny Jiosa.
Take the classic cool jazz of the late Wes Montgomery, add a spoonful of B.B. King and Eric Clapton, temper it with the fluid Latin sounds of Carlos Santana, bake it in a soulful oven turned all the way to hot and you have Denny Jiosa, one of the smoothest, most passionate contemporary jazz guitarists on the scene today.

Jazz-Iz Magazine - "If Eric Clapton played smooth jazz, he'd sound like Denny Jiosa. Jiosa simmers rather than overpowers. Denny proves he has both smooth and real jazz chops."

JazzTimes Magazine - "...Jiosa's lithe melody touches both twinkling harmonies and darker chords, as if illustrating the complexity of humanity

The beautiful thing about this partnership is that the original recordings with drums available. Not just drums but fantastic performances by some of the best drummers ever, including Chester Thompson, Bob Mater, Jim White and more. Listen, to what the Pro's laid down then make it your own!