The First Fifty Years
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Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Michael Doyle, Nick Bowcott

Formato: Livro / 352 páginas

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De sua origem humilde na parte de trás de uma pequena loja de música em Londres, o amplificador Marshall definiu o som do rock para gerações de guitarristas em todo o mundo. The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years conta a história da vida notável de Jim Marshall e documenta as muitas inovações dos amplificadores Marshall.

Hal Leonard

Sinopse Original:

From its humble origins in the back of a small music store in London, Marshall Amplification has defined the sound of rock for generations of guitarists around the world.

The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years tells the story of Jim Marshall's remarkable life and documents the many innovations of Marshall amplifiers, from the famous “stack” to the most current offerings. The book features:

• Hundreds of color photographs throughout, including rare amplifiers and previously unpublished historical documents

• Reprints of vintage catalogs and marketing materials from Marshall and its related brands, including Park and CMI

• Extensive appraisal and history of the Celestion speaker

• History of the Marshall factory locations and the pictorial “factory tour”


The book is also:

• Predominantly full color (similar books are typically – sometimes exclusively – black and white) and includes more historical material than any previous publication

• The first publication to bring the history of the company and its products up to date

The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years is the definitive account of this fascinating company known as “The Sound of Rock.” It's absolutely essential reading for musicians, technicians, and collectors alike.