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GUINGA - The Music Of Guinga

R$ 109,99

Disponibilidade: Indisponível

Código: SBGUIN

Editora: Fingerprint

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: GUINGA

Instrumento: Violão

Formato: Livro Físico / Partitura / 48 páginas

UPC: 9783945190234

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Transcrições para Violão dos álbuns "Canção de Impermanência" e "Roendopinho"; incluindo: Anjo de Candura, Canção da Impermanência, Chapliniana, Constance no. 2, Despedida do Garoto, Doido de Deus, Domingo de Nazareth, Pucciniana, Dona Carmelita, Funeral de Billie Holiday, Lacrimare, Meu Pai, Radio Nacional, Roendopinho, São Dorival, Trenzinho do Corcovado, Valsa de Aniversário, Tom e Vinicius.

Editado e Publicado por Finger Print - Acoustic Music - Alemanha

1. Anjo de Candura
2. Canção da Impermanência
3. Chapliniana
4. Constance no. 2
5. Despedida do Garoto
6. Doido de Deus
7. Domingo de Nazareth
8. Pucciniana
9. Dona Carmelita
10. Funeral de Billie Holiday
11. Lacrimare
12. Meu Pai
13. Radio Nacional
14. Roendopinho
15. São Dorival
16. Trenzinho do Corcovado
17. Valsa de Aniversário
18. Tom e Vinicius

All compositions by GUINGA Transcribed by Mauro Fava


Esperanza Spalding (American bassist/composer/singer)
“Guinga is one of the most important, deep and original composers of our time. The further one delves into his compositions, the more intricacy and master craftsmanship they reveal. His body of work is a must-study for any serious student of contemporary composition.
He can seamlessly integrate abstract melody, traditional harmonic progression and a classical rhythm (plus much more of course) all while oozing the listener along on his intoxicating melodies – melodies wholly his own, yet hauntingly familiar.
Guinga's music is a visceral experience beyond mere hearing. His compositions reach us as sound, then are transmuted through the body and spirit into chills, goosebumps, emotional color, and ripples of rich neuro-sensations yet to be described.
I'm excited to study this batch of his compositions, and applaud the publisher for making these transcriptions available to a wider audience.”

Sérgio Mendes (Brazilian musician/producer)
“I knew Guinga in Rio de Janeiro, when I was recording my “Brasileiro” CD in 1991. I was immediately enchanted by the originality of his melodies and the wealth of harmonies. I realized at that moment to be in the presence of a great composer and a true innovator. Guinga lives in the history and pantheon of the great composers of popular Brazilian music!“

Danilo Santos de Miranda (Regional Director – SESC São Paulo)
"The poetry designed by Guinga reveals a sense still in full formation in our hearts. The strings in trinado play and reveal what we are since ancient times and at the same moment direct us to a sonorous hope born of the wood, the steel and the flesh of the artist..."