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R$ 275,99

Disponibilidade: Indisponível

Código: SH242130

Editora: Sher

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Mark Levine

Instrumento: Piano

Formato: Livro Físico / 300 páginas

UPC: 9780961470159


Jazz Piano Book é um dos mais aclamados métodos de piano jazz! Recomendado por Kenny Barron, Jamey Aebersold, Richie Beirach, entre outros, este livro traz todas as informações necessárias para os pianistas intermediários e avançados. São mais de 300 páginas com tópicos como: intervalos e tríades; modos maiores e progressão II/V/I; voicings de três notas; acordes sus e frigio; tritonos; voicings de mão esquerda; acordes em bloco, acompanhamento e muito mais! Mark Levine gravou com grandes artistas como: Joe Henderson, Camen McRae, Richie Cole, Mark Murphy, Houston Pearson, e muitos outros.

Sher Music

Sinopse Original:

The most highly acclaimed jazz piano method ever published!
Endorsed by Kenny Barron, Jamey Aebersold, Richie Beirach, and more, this book presents all the information a student of jazz piano needs in an easy-to-understand, yet thorough, manner. For intermediate to advanced pianists, written by one of the acknowledged masters of jazz piano playing. Over 300 pages with complete chapters on Intervals and triads, The major modes and II-V-I, 3-note voicings, Sus. and phrygian Chords, Adding notes to 3-note voicings, Tritone substitution, Left-hand voicings, Altering notes in left-hand Stride and Bud Powell voicings, Block chords, Comping ...and much more!

Mark Levine, long-time pianist with Cal Tjader, is a Concord Jazz recording artist who has recorded with such jazz greats as Joe Henderson, Camen McRae, Richie Cole, Mark Murphy, Houston Pearson, and many others.


"This is one of the finest new jazz instruction books on the market. Written by an experienced, professional jazz player, the book is practical and unpretentious, with lots of valuable information for the beginning, intermediate or advanced improviser. The informality of his style cannot hide Mark's seriousness, attention to detail and true love of jazz piano."

"One of the best jazz piano books I've ever seen - very easy to understand."

"A brilliant, comprehensive, exciting and highly readable book. It unlocks door after door of contemporary piano jazz sounds."

"I really like this book because it covers all the bases. An invaluable resource for any keyboard player."

"One of the most complete anthologies on jazz piano in recent years. The research and attention to detail, the nuances and musical examples in each chapter are most refreshing, as are the photos. Stylistically covering artists from Teddy Wilson through Mulgrew Miller, in a way that has rarely been dealt with in other jazz piano literature."

"This is a great book!"

"This book comes closer than any other book I have yet come across to giving the student an insight into the art, and needs, of playing modern jazz piano. With the comprehensive exploration of all the basic techniques in common use that this book offers, along with the inclusion of chapters on such important and often overlooked areas as comping and Latin Jazz, I think this book deserves a place on every modern jazz teacher's bookshelf."

"For anyone who is interested in acquiring the basics of contemporary jazz piano playing, this book is a must!"

"'The Jazz Piano Book' is a comprehensive text (with) in-depth explanations supported by many superb musical examples in every chapter. A comprehensive text (with) smooth progress from easy material to more advanced techniques."

"An incredibly thorough and yet personal look at the vast subject of jazz piano. The scholarly historical perspective combines with excellent practical examples of different styles and approaches to the keyboard. Applause for one of the truly fine pianists of our time for putting his vast expertise, experience and musicality into book form."