BLUES SCATITUDES - Bob Stoloff - Vocal

Vocal Improvisations On The Blues
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Código: 14004707

Editora: Hal Leonard Abr18

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Bob Stoloff

Instrumento: Canto

Formato: Livro / CD / 80 páginas

UPC: 752187431114

Mais um livro com uma fonte riquíssima de conteúdo para improvisação no Blues. Inicia com a linguagem encontrada neste estilo, e então parte para exercícios rítmicos utilizando os scats, progressivamente apresenta as escalas blues, pentatonica, maior, e como aplicá-las. Ao final do livro são mostrados 8 temas que ilustram a variedade de técnicas estudadas, cada um com 3 versões no CD. Os scats são aplicados em diferentes estilos musicais ( jazz, reggae, R & B, funk, fusion ). Altamente recomendado!


Sinopse Original:

Berklee College of Music's Bob Stoloff gives us another invaluable resource for aspiring singers with this instructional book/CD package on improvising on the blues. He covers the basics in the beginning of the book, going over basic terminology and symbols that you might encounter singing in this style, then moves on to rhythmic exercises using scat syllables. While these exercises have no recorded examples, they are very valuable to have under your belt. Stoloff then moves on to some different kinds of scales that you can use in the improvisation - major, pentatonic, and of course, the blues scale. The last chapter of the book includes eight blues "scatitudes," tunes that he wrote specifically to illustrate the techniques in the book. Each "scat" is presented in at least two different styles (like jazz, reggae, R & B, funk, fusion) and is played three times - once with the melody, once with the rhythm section playing an instrumental melody and once more with just the rhythm section. The book features each tune's melodic scat written out so you can start with that, but Stoloff encourages you to create your own over the background once you feel comfortable. For anyone looking for some great basic knowledge of the blues scale and how it works over standard chord progressions as well as some stylistic pointers, this one's for you!

Table of Contents:
Musical Terms
Chapter 1: Scat Syllables
Chapter 2: Using Accents in 8th, Triplet and 16th Figures
Chapter 3: Major and Pentatonic Scales
Chapter 4: The Blues Scale
Chapter 5: Eight Blues Scatitudes