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FROM LEAD TO SHEETS HIP SOLOS - Arthur Lipner - C Instruments

Developing Improvisation For All Instruments
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Código: CFATJ316

Editora: Carl Fischer

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Arthur Lipner

Instrumento: Instrumentos em C

Formato: Livro Físico / CD / Partitura / 72 páginas

Este livro é destinado às pessoas que nunca tocaram jazz e têm vontade de se envolver nesta arte. São 10 temas com dificuldade progressiva, para você estudá-las aos poucos e se envolver com os acompanhamentos no CD. Há discussões e detalhes dos acordes e dos solos para cada tema. Você certamente irá desenvolver o seu groove, audição, conhecimento de acordes e de improvisação.


Carl Fischer

Sinopse Original:

This is JUST the companion for you. From Lead Sheets to Hip Solos is fully loaded: a CD that grooves, fun to play charts, and plenty of comments in a one-on-one private lesson tone.

Designed for:

•The Groove
•Ear Training
•Chords and Basic Voicings
•Connceting Chords with Solo Lines

•Arthur Lipner has emerged as one of the leading vibes and marimba voices in jazz today. As such he is one of the few musicians carrying the message of jazz mallets into the 21st century. Arthur's live performances and recorded projects convey an exuberant drive of creativity and depth. His travels around the globe as a jazz musician and percussionist have delighted audiences and critics worldwide.



  • Over fifty of Arthur's compositions have been released on recordings. His music has been used on radio, film and tv soundtracks in such places as Finland, Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, and England. His compositions have been recorded twenty times by various groups. He recently completed "Hybridisation, " a twenty-minute concerto for mallet soloist with Chamber Orchestra or Wind Ensemble. Arthur has presented over 300 workshops throughout the world, with invitations to teach at some of the most prestigious universities in the USA and Europe including The Juilliard School (NYC) and Sweelink Conservatory (Amsterdam). He has been on the Faculty of The Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg, Holland, Drummers Collective (NYC), State Univ. of NY (Purchase) and Univ. of Bridgeport (CT). He is sponsored in by the Conn/Selmer Company and Mike Balter Mallets as an artist/clinician, and has performed at three PASIC conventions.