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Código: CSCO01DVD

Editora: DVD

Idioma: Inglês

Instrumento: Guitarra


This instructional release teaches aspiring musicians the basics of playing rock music on the electric guitar, laying the groundwork for further learning in metal, blues, hard rock, or any other area of the genre. Topics covered in the program include info on amps and other gear, chords, picking, and tuning, with large notation provided on screen to help viewers follow along.

NÍVEL: Iniciante

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Learn to play guitar from the riffs that shaped Heavy Metal! Learn the Parts of the guitar, Basic Tunings, Picking Techniques, Scales, Chords, Power Chords, The 12 Bar Blues and much more!! Includes FREE Printable PDF Booklet, Learn to play with & without distortion, Power Chords, Bar Chords and HUGE ON-SCREEN NOTATION!! Have you just picked up your first electric guitar? Do you need to know more about your instrument? The Crash Course Metal Beginning Electric Guitar method is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn how to play. For example, do you know the PARTS OF YOUR GUITAR ? Maybe you are not certain how to hold your PICK or how to use it. Do you know your guitar inside and out? Do you know how to build and play CHORDS? How many SCALES do you know? This beginning electric guitar method will also show you how to play ROCK, BLUES, HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL. By utilizing the Crash Course Metal Beginning Electric Guitar method, you will have a clear understanding of how your guitar works and how easy it is to play it. Crash Course Metal: Beginning Electric Guitar is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE beginning guitar method on electric guitar playing ever made! Every lesson is presented in a very SIMPLE manner so that even the most BASIC BEGINNER will understand. Each exercise begins with an ever present CLICK TRACK to keep you focused and precise. Each exercise is played at NORMAL and SLOW SPEED with an EXTREME CLOSE UP and GIGANTIC ON SCREEN NOTATION to magnify the details. The CRASH COURSE METAL series is packed with nearly an hour of BEGINNING GUITAR LESSONS such as: The Parts of the Guitar, Basic Tuning, Picking & Guitar Techniques, Scales, Chords, The Blues, styles & the sounds that shape electric guitar playing!!!! All CRASH COURSE METAL guitar methods are shot in (HD) for your extreme viewing pleasure. The CRASH COURSE METAL BEGINNING GUITAR series will turn beginners into GUITAR HEROES.