From the First Five Years at Hogwarts
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Código: ALF32710

Editora: Alfred

Idioma: Inglês

Compositor: John Williams, Patrick Doyle, and Nicholas Hooper

Arranjador: Tom Gerou

Instrumento: Piano - Arranjos Facilitados

Formato: Livro / Partituras / 60 páginas

UPC: 038081355603

Esta coletânea com os 5 primeiros filmes do Harry Potter, apresenta arranjos facilitados, no estilo 5 finger, com a melodia dividida entre as duas mãos. As posições das mãos e digitações são demonstradas. Colcheias e tercinas são evitadas. Todas as peças possuem duetos opcionais para os professores deixarem a música mais rica harmonicamente. Inclui: Double Trouble * Dumbledore's Army * Fireworks * Hagrid the Professor * Harry in Winter * Harry's Wondrous World * Hedwig's Theme * Hogwarts Forever! * Hogwarts' Hymn * Hogwarts' March * Neville's Waltz * Nimbus 2000 * Potter Waltz * The Quidditch World Cup (The Irish) * Voldemort.


Sinopse Original:

These all-time favorite themes have been arranged in traditional five-finger style, with the melody split between the hands, and without key signatures in the student part. Starting hand positions are illustrated above each piece. Fingerings that are outside the noted five-finger positions and those indicating a shift in hand position are circled for easy identification. Dotted quarter notes, triplets and sixteenth notes have been avoided. All of the pieces have optional duet accompaniments created to achieve a fuller, richer musical experience. Elementary-level pianists will love playing these arrangements, which faithfully render the magical music of John Williams, Patrick Doyle, and Nicholas Hooper. Full color art pages from each movie are included.


Double Trouble 
Dumbledore's Army 
Hagrid the Professor 
Harry in Winter 
Harry's Wondrous World 
Hedwig's Theme 
Hogwarts Forever! 
Hogwarts' Hymn 
Hogwarts' March 
Neville's Waltz ?
Nimbus 2000 
Potter Waltz 
The Quidditch World Cup (The Irish)