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Código: MB21295FN

Editora: Mel Bay / Vitta Books & Music

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Bruce Saunders

Instrumento: Guitarra

Formato: Livro / Audio Online / Partitura e Tablatura / 80 páginas

UPC: 9781513463513

Em Symmetric Solutions, Bruce Saunders usa exercícios, estudos e progressões de acordes de standards de jazz para explorar o som da escala de tons inteiros, da escala aumentada e de "chord voicings" em drop-2, drop-3 e drop-2/4 aplicáveis a eles. Blues, progressões, "rhythm changes", Giant Steps, padrões, notas de abordagem, fraseado "na linha de frente", exemplos de grandes nomes do jazz como Joe Henderson, Wes Montgomery, Mike Stern e Wayne Krantz, entre outros. Este livro é cheio de grandes sons que você pode usar em progressões padrões (comuns) de jazz, melodias funk, música brasileira. Escrito em partitura e tablatura. Inclui acesso ao áudio online.

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In a similar format to his other Mel Bay Publications, in Symmetric Solutions: The Whole Tone Workbook author Bruce Saunders uses exercises, etudes and chord progressions from jazz standards to explore the sound of the whole-tone scale, the augmented scale and drop-2, drop-3 and drop-2/4 chord voicings applicable to them. Blues, rhythm changes, Giant Steps, patterns, approach notes, "across the bar line" phrasing, examples from jazz greats such as Joe Henderson, Wes Montgomery, Mike Stern and Wayne Krantz among others. This book is full of great sounds that you can use on standard jazz progressions, vamps, funk tunes, Brazilian tunes -- whole-tone can be used just about anywhere. Includes access to online audio.


I Chapter One: The Whole-Tone Scale
Etudes using Patterns

II Chapter Two: Chord Tones & Across the Bar Line Phrasing
Exercises starting from specific notes
Across the bar line phrasing

III Chapter Three: Approach Notes to Chord Tones
Examples of approach notes
Chord voicings
Practice Exercises with Arpeggios, Scales and Approach Notes

IV Chapter Four: The Augmented Scale
Explanation and use
Exercises and patterns on static chords
Chord voicings
Etudes and exercises on chord progressions
Exercises on "Giant Steps" chord changes

APPENDIX: Practice Chord Changes
Blues in F
Blues in Bf
"Autumn Leaves" changes
Rhythm changes in Bf
"Well, You Needn't" changes in F
"Giant Steps" changes

About the Author 

A native of Florida, Bruce Saunders earned his masters degree in jazz performance from the University of North Texas where he studied with Jack Peterson and Tom Johnson. Since moving to New York city in 1988, he has appeared on recordings with Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Dave Holland, Kenny Werner, Bill Stewart, Dave Pierto, Michael Cain, Glen Velez, Harvie Swartz, Mark Murphy, Ben Monder, Steve Cardenas and many others. In addition, he has performed with Bobby Previte, Scott Colley, George Garzone, Hal Cook, Ray Anderson, Rom McClure, Harvie Swartz, Don Braden, Brad Shepik, Rick Margitza, Rich Perry, Johnny Vidocovitch, Leon Parker, Terry Clarke, Donny McCaslin and many others. He has toured Europe, South America, Australia, Portugal, Japan, and the United States. His first CD as a leader ( Forget Everything ) was released in 1996 and featured Jack Dejohnettes on drums, Michael Cain on piano, Dave Pietro on saxophone and Tony Scherr on bass. His 2nd CD, Likely Story (Moo Records) was released in 1998. Likely Story includes Peter Erskine, Otmaro Ruiz, Dave Carpenter and Dave Pietro. His 3rd CD as leader, Fragment , includes drummer Satoshi Takeishi, bassist John Hebert and on saxophone, Adam Kolker. In addition to his playing career in New York, he has been active in the teaching community as well. Since 1992 Bruce has been on the faculty of the Berklee School of Music (Boston) where he leads classes in improvisation, jazz harmony, ensembles (including a John Coltrane/Joe Henderson ensemble) and teaches private guitar lessons.