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Intermediate Level Schirmer Performance Editions
R$ 99,99

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Código: 00297100

Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Instrumento: Piano

Formato: Livro Físico / Partituras / 192 páginas

UPC: 888680600976

Transcrições para piano. Anonymous: Polonaise in G minor, BWV App. 119; Minuet in A minor, BWV App. 120 • Antheil: Little Shimmy • CPE Bach: March in G Major, BWV App. 124; Solfeggieto • JS Bach: Bourrée from Lute Suite No. 1 in E minor, BWV 996; Prelude in D minor, BWV 926; Prelude in F Major, BWV 927; Prelude in C minor, BWV 999 • Barber: Petite Berceuse; To My Steinway from Three Sketches for Pianoforte •Bartók: Bagatelle No. 6 from 14 Bagatelles; Selections from For Children • Beach: Gavotte in D minor from Children's Album, Op. 36 • Beethoven: German Dance in C Major, WoO 8, No. 7; German Dance in G Major, WoO 8, No. 6; German Dance in B-flat Major, WoO 13, No.2 • Burgmüller: Selections from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 100; Confidence from 18 Characteristic Studies, Op. 109 • Chopin: Prelude in E minor, Op. 28, No. 4; Prelude in B minor, Op. 28, No. 6; Prelude in A Major, Op. 28, No. 7 • Couperin: The Little Trifle • Creston: Selections from Five Little Dances, Op. 24 • Dandrieu: Lament • Handel: Allegro from Suite in G minor, HWV 432; Prelude in G Major, HWV 442 • Grieg: Selections from Lyric Pieces • Gurlitt: Selections from Albumleaves for the Young, Op. 101 • Haydn: Allegro from Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVI/1 o Heller: Study in A minor (The Avalanche) from 25 Melodious Etudes, Op. 45 • Hovhaness: Mountain Lullaby from Mountain Idylls, Op. 119 • Kabalevsky: Selections from 30 Pieces for Children, Op. 27; Slow Waltz from 24 Pieces for Children, Op. 39; Rondo-Toccata from Four Rondos, Op. 60 • Khachaturian: Ivan Sings from Adventures of Ivan • Kirnberger: The Chimes • Kullak: Selections from Scenes from Childhood, Op. 81 • MacDowell: To a Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches, Op. 51 • Mozart: Piece for Clavier in F Major, KV 33B; Andantino in E-flat Major, KV 236 (588b); Rondo in C Major, KV 334 (320b); Adagio for Glass Harmonica, KV 356 (617a); Funeral March for Signor Maestro Contrapunto, KV 453a; German Dance in C Major, KV 605, No. 3 • Muczynski: Fable No. 9 from Fables, Op. 21 • Nielsen: Folk Melody from Five Piano Pieces, Op. 3 • Paradies (Paradisi): Toccata from Sonata No. 6 in A Major • Pinto: Playing Marbles from Children's Festival • Prokofiev: Selections from Music for Children, Op. 65 • Rameau: Tambourin • Ravel: Prélude • Reger: The Dead Little Bird from Album for Young People, Op. 17 • D Scarlatti: Sonata in G Major, L. 79 (K. 391, P. 364); Sonata in D minor, L. 423 (K. 32, P. 14) • Schumann: Selections from Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15; Selections from Album for the Young, Op. 68 • Shostakovich: Birthday from Children's Notebook for Piano, Op. 69 • Tchaikovsky: Selections from Album for the Young, Op. 39 Telemann: Cantabile in F Major.

G. Schirmer, Inc.


Birthday (from CHILDREN'S NOTEBOOK FOR PIANO, OP. 69, NO. 7)
The Chase (from 30 PIECES FOR CHILDREN, OP. 27, NO. 21)
Clowning (from 30 PIECES FOR CHILDREN, OP. 27, NO. 10)
Fable No. 9, Op. 21
Festive Dance (from FIVE LITTLE DANCES)
Ivan Sings (from ADVENTURES OF IVAN)
Little Shimmy
Lyric Piece (from 30 PIECES FOR CHILDREN, OP. 27, NO. 16)
Morning (from MUSIC FOR CHILDREN, OP. 65, NO. 1)
Mountain Lullaby (from MOUNTAIN IDYLLS)
Novelette (from 30 PIECES FOR CHILDREN, OP. 27, NO. 25)
Petite Berceuse
Playing Marbles (from CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL)
Promenade (from MUSIC FOR CHILDREN, OP. 65, NO. 2)
Rondo-Toccata (from FOUR RONDOS, OP. 60, NO. 4)
Rustic Dance (from FIVE LITTLE DANCES)
Slow Waltz (from 24 PIECES FOR CHILDREN, OP. 39, NO. 23)
To My Steinway (from THREE SKETCHES)