Line Playing · Voice-Leading · Chromaticism · Bebop Scales
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Código: ADV14260

Editora: Advance Music Mar

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Jerry Bergonzi

Instrumento: Todos

Formato: Livro / CD / 108 páginas

No terceiro volume da série Inside Improvisation, o autor mostra um enfoque claro e prático dos cromatismos, suas tensões, efeitos e musicalidade dentro da escala diatônica, a escala bebop, voice leading (organizar todas as linhas de uma composição para que elas soem harmonicamente limpas e coerentes) e line playing. O CD vem com 22 faixas de play along e 10 de exemplos, para exemplificar os conceitos abordados no método.


Advance Music

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Line Playing · Voice-Leading · Chromaticism · Bebop Scales

A clear and practical step-by-step approach to chromaticism, line playing and voice leading. The CD contains 23 play-along tracks (most of them played in two tempos), based on standard chord progressions, performed by a professional rhythm section. In addition Jerry demonstrates various exercises and approaches on tenor saxophone. Chord changes are included for C concert, B flat and E flat instruments. Jerry Bergonzi is a highly respected jazz educator/musician who lives and teaches in the Boston area. Over many years his "Inside Improvisation" system has proven to be tremendously successful.


Renato Chicco - piano
Dave Santoro - bass
Adam Nussbaum - drums


1 Major and Dominant Bebop Scales 9

• Progression 1

2 Tonic Minor and Dom7b9b13 Bop Scales 16

• Progression 2

3 Scale Segments - Using five or seven notes 21

• Tune 1: Alice
• Tune 2: Spring Joy

4 Harmonic Anticipation 28

5 Bop Scale Modes 32

6 Bop Scale Modes for Tonic Minor and Dom7b9b13     35

• Tune 3: Afternoon In Strasbourg

7 Bop Scales Starting on the 9th 41

• Tune 4: Hazy Birg

8 Bop Scales Starting on the 11th -48

• Tune 5: Fall Foliage

9 Bop Scales Starting on the 13th 54

• Tune 6: Is This Thing Called Love?
• Tune 7: Have You Met Miss Miller?

10 Across the Bar Line 64

• Tune 8: Great Moments

11 Rhythmic Variations 72

12 Melodic Variations - Approaching and leaving off the bop scale with tag notes -75

13 Ten Note Bop Scales 78

14 Practice Grids 80

15 Crossing the Bar Line and Changing Direction 91

• Tune 9: Herman 'n You

16 Scale on Scale 98

• Tune 10: Very Late

17 Skipping Notes of the Bop Scale 106