COMO IMPROVISAR JAZZ - Jamey Aebersold - Vol.1

Nova Edição em Português com 2CDS
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Código: JA01

Editora: Jamey Aebersold


Autor/Artista: Jamey Aebersold

Instrumento: C - Eb - F - Bb

Formato: Livro / CDs / Texto / Partituras / 102 páginas

UPC: 635621000018

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Este volume apresenta as informações de uma maneira nova e de fácil entendimento e é inspiradora para todos os músicos que desejam explorar os segredos da improvisação no jazz. Inclui capítulos sobre escalas / acordes, desenvolvimento da criatividade, os fundamentos da improvisação, 12 Escalas Blues, Escalas Bebop, Escalas Pentatônicas, tempo e feeling, desenvolvimento melódico, II-V-7, escalas e modos relacionados, exercícios práticos / padrões e licks, 7a. dominante, nomenclatura, cromatismo, syllabus escala, e muito mais! O editor recomenda o uso conjunto com o Volume 24 "Major and Minor". 



Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Sinopse Original:

Beginning/Intermediate level.

Now with  CD - one with slower tempos!

The culmination of Jamey's 40 years as one of the world's leading jazz exponents, Volume 1 has unlocked the mysteries of jazz improvisation for a whole generation of musicians who previously had nowhere to turn for competent rhythm sections and accurate instruction.

This volume has updated information presented in a new manner that is both easy to understand and inspiring for all musicians wishing to explore the secrets of jazz improvisation. Includes chapters on scales/chords, developing creativity, improv fundamentals, 12 Blues Scales, Bebop scales, pentatonic scales and usage, time and feeling, melodic development, II/V7s, related scales and modes, practical exercises/patterns and licks, Dominant 7th tree of scale choices, nomenclature, chromaticism, scale syllabus, and more! This complete improvisation set, along with Volume 24 "Major and Minor" can greatly open your ears and improve your playing.

Music is fun and this set is the first step to enjoying it. Each of the recorded tracks feels great and is fun to play with. Recorded tracks include Blues in Bb and F, Four Dorian minor tracks, four-measure cadences, cycle of dominants, 24-measure song, II/V7 in all keys. Book includes transposed parts for all instruments.

* Scales/Chords
* Developing Creativity
* Improv Fundamentals
* 12 Blues Scales
* Bebop Scales
* Pentatonic Scales
* Time and Feel
* Melodic Development
* II/V7s
* Related Scales and Modes
* Practical Exercises
* Patterns and Licks
* Dominant 7th Tree of Scale Choices
* Nomenclature
* Chromaticism
* Scale Syllabus
and more!
"When I first heard "So What" on the Kind of Blue record I didn’t think anything was happening because I was used to hearing changes flying by and this seemed so tame by comparison. I quickly fell in love with Kind of Blue and of course we at IU started experimenting with modal tunes and trying to keep our place in those many 8 bar phrases that seemed at times to make me feel like I was in the middle of a desert and couldn’t see for the life of me the beginning of the next 8 bar phrase. When I began teaching privately for the first time in Seymour, Indiana I had a girl flute student who really had a great sound. One day I asked her to improvise on a D- dorian scale and off she went. I could tell she was playing what she heard in her mind and I was so surprised. It really sounded natural. So, I asked other students to play on a dorian scale and they did fine. That’s how I got started teaching improv. I think others at the time were using the blues as a vehicle but the students I was working with knew nothing about the blues but they could keep their place in the 4 and 8 bar phrases so I went ahead later and used that modal approach on my Volume 1 play-a-long ... and the rest is history."