EMBRACEABLE YOU - VOCAL STANDARDS - Jamey Aebersold - Vol. 113

Ballads for All Singers
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Código: JA113

Editora: Jamey Aebersold

Idioma: Inglês

Instrumento: Voz e Instrumentos em C

Formato: Livro / 2 CDs / Partituras

UPC: 635621001138

O pianista Steve Allee criou este livro com acompanhamento de piano para 12 conhecidas baladas. Cada canção foi gravada em duas tonalidades (uma para vozes graves e outra para vozes agudas) assegurando que todos os vocalistas, tanto homens como mulheres, possam encontrar a melhor tonalidade para sua voz. As melodias, letras e acordes são apresentados de uma forma clara facilitando muito a sua leitura. O livro traz apenas as partituras para instrumentos em C, incluindo; Body And Soul; I Can't Get Started; Dancing In The Dark;I Didn't Know What Time It Was; Embraceable You;  I Only Have Eyes For You; I Could Write A Book; I Thought About You; Love Is Here To Stay; Someone To Watch Over Me; When I Fall In Love e Where Or When.


Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Sinopse Original:

Pianist Steve Allee creates an intimate setting with singer-sensitive solo piano accompaniment for 12 of the greatest ballads every written. Each song is recorded in 2 keys - one for lower voices and one for higher voices - ensuring all singers, men and women, can find the best key for their voice! Selected songs are presented in two tempos (ballad and medium tempo) on separate tracks, adding excitement and variety to these time honored classics. Melody, lyrics, and chord changes are clearly presented in the book and the pianist on the CD provides singer-friendly intros and voice leading, making it easier to find the melody. The book contains C parts only.


Body And Soul
I Can't Get Started
Dancing In The Dark
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Embraceable You
I Only Have Eyes For You
I Could Write A Book
I Thought About You
Love Is Here To Stay
Someone To Watch Over Me
When I Fall In Love
Where Or When