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KENNY WERNER - FREE PLAY - Jamey Aebersold - Vol. 104

R$ 95,99

Disponibilidade: Em estoque

Código: JA104

Editora: Jamey Aebersold

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: KENNY WERNER

Instrumento: C - Eb - Bb - Clave de Fá

Formato: Livro Físico / CD / Partituras

UPC: 635621001046

A série de Play-Alongs de Jamey Aebersold é excelente para a prática de improvisação, além de ser muito importante para o conhecimento do repertório dos grandes músicos e compositores de Jazz. Cada livro da série traz os temas transcritos (melodia e cifras) em C, Eb, Bb e Clave de Fá e Chorus adicionais para improvisação. O CD traz as gravações dos Play-Backs por músicos profissionais. 

Kenny Wermer, autor do livro Effortless Mastery, ultrapassa com este play along, ao lado de seu trio, todas as fronteiras do ritmo, da melodia e da harmonia tradicional e mostra novos sons, pulsações e levadas que vão estimular sua imaginação. Inclui um texto com detalhes dos passos a serem seguidos no uso deste play along e como abrir novos caminhos na música.



Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Sinopse Original:

Think play-a-longs and Free jazz don't mix? Think again! Kenny Werner, recording artist and author of the best-selling book "Effortless Mastery" has put together with his trio a fantastic play-a-long that breaks down all the traditional boundries of rhythm, melody, and harmony and presents a blank canvas of sounds, pulses, and colors to excite the imagination. Includes a perceptive text that details ways to use this play-a-long to open new avenues of musical discovery.

Following are some excerpts from this unique book:

"The only true free music is music that is free of needing to sound good."

"One needs to have times of suspending judgement and just play. The ultimate irony is that even free music doesn't contain any freedom when one is trying to play it "correctly." On the other hand, I've heard bebop solos that had the ring of freedom."

"If a wind player were to temporarily suspend judgement on their tone and just connect with their breathing, they might be able to experience the raw sensation of playing. What does it feel like to play soft or loud? What does it feel like to scream? To whisper? What does it feel like to play in the low or high register? If vocalists were to experiment with the same dynamic, many would find the experience revelatory."

Most musicians have never gotten in touch with themselves because from day one it's been about playing music correctly. Most of us have had teachers who were focusing on the right notes. How many of us had teachers who focused on the feel of playing? How rare is it to find teachers who show us how to touch the instrument in the most natural way? Beginning from the first lesson, the natural relationship between one's body and the instrument has already been lost."

"Whatever your personal feelings about free music are, at least for me, I've come to understand it in terms of action and reaction. Ultimately it was a good thing because the musicians of the nineties and beyond seem to be an amalgamation of the best intentions of both schools of is so common today to find young musicians who swing, groove, play the heck out of changes, burn, etc. But all that can be done with a feeling that the window is open or the window is closed. For the music to be approached with imagination, the player has to spend some time on a journey through abstraction."

"Now I'm coming around to my point of exactly what free music is. You may like it as a style in history or not. It may be your heart's desire to have a career as a "free music musician" or detest it bitterly. But in either case, everyone should play free music-and a lot of it. I'll explain why."

"Regardless of one's feeling for free music as a valid art form, I've come to understand that it can be an essential link in one's training. You're playing free-free of harmony, free of melody, free of judgement, and in fact, that's really what true free music is."

"Music is not spiritual simply because it speaks of God. Nor is it worldy because it speaks of blues or lost lovers. Music is spiritual when the light is revealed within it. All music is consonant because there is only The One."

"All music that comes through you is the highest music. Your music is the brightest and most brilliant music possible to be made at that moment. There are no levels of music, there is only the perfect sound."


Random Sequence Piece
Just Sound Piece
Short Note Piece
Cascading Notes
Harmonic Piece
Free Rhythmic Groove
Drone In E
Time, No Changes
Fast Time With No Changes
Unaccompanied Drums
Unaccompanied Bass Piece
Unaccompanied Piano Piece
A Prayer In C Minor