The Collective Ethnic Style Series
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Código: 06620164

Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Kim Plainfield

Instrumento: Bateria

Formato: Livro / CD / 56 páginas

UPC: 884088589516

Como o próprio nome diz, neste livro você terá uma fusão de idéias e influências. A metodologoa é muito interessante, pois através de cada música apresentada, o autor demonstra diversos padrões e diferentes rítmicas e combinações de peças a serem aplicadas à bateria. As músicas são de extremo bom gosto e mostram as características da música instrumental e do fusion com "cara de funk". Imperdível!


Publisher: The Collective

Hal Leonard

Sinopse Original:

The genre Fusion, as the name implies, is a blend of many styles and influences. This book and CD utilizes four tunes as a basis to show how this fusion-blending process can occur and expose you to major trends that exist. You are given unique step-by-step approaches to developing "fused" feels that are not just superficial pasting-together of styles, but truly new grooves of your making. In addition, there are many agility exercises to help you reach a high level of musicianship. Each of the style-evolutions and exercises is fully notated in the book and performed on the CD. These lessons culminate in a tune that incorporates what you have learned. The CD contains a demonstration performance of the tune, followed by a version of the tune without the drums for you to play-along. The book provides a drum chart and a lead sheet.

Série: The material in The Collective Contemporary Styles Series represents many years of work on the part of many talented Collective faculty members, who have had the experience of playing and teaching these styles to literally thousands of young rhythm-section musicians over the last thirty years. This series is the fruit of their labor and talent with the information presented in a manner that is easy to grasp. Each book in this collection contains: historical references and background, useful information and explanations about the styles, notated musical examples of each approach, detailed points about "feel", important performance tips, extensive Discographies and Bibliographies, biographies of each author and demonstration performances and play-along tracks on accompaniment CDs.