The Collective Ethnic Style Series
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Código: 00696585

Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Irio O´Farrill / Lincoln Goines / Leo Travessa
AUTOR ARTISTA: Nilson Matta / Steve Marks

Instrumento: Baixo

Formato: Livro / CD / 72 páginas

UPC: 884088590413

Este livro/CD é sobre a maravilhosa mistura das músicas derivadas das culturas africanas, européias, e índigenas do Caribe. Aborda todos os estilos essenciais e explora a importante relação do contra-baixo trabalhando em conjunto à percussão e bateria. Para cada estilo apresentado, há variações e uma música com performance e em seguida um play-along para você praticar, estudar e improvisar.
Possui referências históricas e um grande estudo sobre os estilos, devido ao vasto conhecimento dos autores, com mais de 30 anos de experiência .


Publisher: The Collective

Hal Leonard

Sinopse Original:

This book with CDs is about the wonderfully rich music which is derived from the fusion of the cultures of West-Africa, Europe and the indigenous Indian cultures of the Caribbean region. This book covers all the essential styles and explores the special relationship of the bass to the many rhythm grooves of these drumming traditions. For each style sample or exercise, the CD contains a performance demo and then a version without the bass for you to play-along. If you want to be a well-rounded, well-trained musician, this publication provides the information and exercises that will give you a strong musical foundation in these important genres.

Série: The material in The Collective Contemporary Styles Series represents many years of work on the part of many talented Collective faculty members, who have had the experience of playing and teaching these styles to literally thousands of young rhythm-section musicians over the last thirty years. This series is the fruit of their labor and talent with the information presented in a manner that is easy to grasp. Each book in this collection contains: historical references and background, useful information and explanations about the styles, notated musical examples of each approach, detailed points about "feel", important performance tips, extensive Discographies and Bibliographies, biographies of each author and demonstration performances and play-along tracks on accompaniment CDs.