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Código: ADV14208

Editora: Advance Music

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Hal Crook

Instrumento: Todos

Formato: Livro / 2 CDs / 190 páginas

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Este livro enfoca a improvisação através de discussões e demonstrações de tópicos como técnica, intuição, criatividade e disciplina. Os exemplos são demonstrados no CD que acompanha o método. Mais uma obra prima de Hal Crook.


Advance Music

Sinopse Original:

How To Improvise organizes the vast subject of jazz improvisation into three basic categories:  What to Play, How to Play, and When to Play-and assigns individual musical topics to each one. 

How To Improvise explains how to practice jazz improvisation on all instruments (including drums and voice) by applying the "target approach" to individual musical topics, such as:  pacing, phrase lengths, rhythmic density, dynamics, articulation, chord-tone solos, chord scales, upper structure triads, motive development, rhythmic displacement, syncopation, over-the-bar-line phrasing, contracting and expanding chord duration, non-harmonic structures, chord couplings, tri-tonic cells, chromaticism, special effects, and others.

How To Improvise also offers an effective method for memorizing the melody and chords of songs, and provides numerous recorded musical examples, practical exercises, and a suggested daily practice routine for each topic covered.

How To Improvise is for all levels, all instruments and voice


"Learn everything in this book and the phone won't stop ringing!"

Phil Woods

"Incredible book.  I wish it was around 20 years ago."

Jerry Bergonzi (1990)

"How To Improvise brings significant new insight to the art of jazz improvisation and should be an important addition to jazz pedagogy.  Hal's approach to improvisation is a refreshing alternative to the usual "learn your scales and good luck" methods.

"This book addresses the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony in a manner that provides the student with a process and practice routine that enables the development of an improvisational technique so essential to the creative jazz musician."

Larry Monroe
Chairman, Performance Division, Berklee College of Music