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Código: JA-LUKE

Editora: Jamey Aebersold

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Luke Gillespie

Instrumento: Piano - Teclado

Formato: Livro / 112 páginas

UPC: 635621500518

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Este método traz vários estilos de acompanhamento de piano, desde conceitos básicos até enfoques mais modernos. Esta coleção completa de voicings de progressões II/V/I, começa com voicings diatônicas simples e, progressivamente, traz conceitos harmônicos mais ricos e complexos que podem ser aplicados em vários estilos musicais.

Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Sinopse Original:

Covers all styles of comping, from basic and fundamental approaches to modern! A complete collection of II/V7/I voicings for jazz keyboard, starting with simple diatonic voicings and pr into more harmonically rich and diverse voicings with intricate passing tones and complex harmonies. No longer will you be stuck using the same kinds of voicings over and over, even in different styles. Now you can have a variety of II/V7 voicings available at your fingertips for every musical situation. 112 pages.

"....3 years ago you did a clinic camp at Lebanon Valley College for the Central PA Friends of Jazz for 2 days... I took piano lessons and theory lessons from you.... you were the first person to explain the ii V I to me and I still check your book out that I purchased from you ..... YOU ARE THE REASON my playing has risen to a professional level.... thank you"

".... This is the stuff they don't teach you in school." Geoff Keezer.

".... I wish Luke wrote this book years ago." Danilo Parez

" Luke's book on chord vocings is a gem..... Luke shows you how to put it (jazz voicings) into practical 'street worthy' applications...." Frank Mantooth.

".... easy to read, fun to play and extremely uselful for all instrumentalists."David Liebman "This book is a welcome addition to the jazz keyboard literature and offers a clearly presented, well organized approach to undetstanding and playing this most important harmonic formula." David Baker