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Código: 51480217

Editora: Henle Verlag

Idioma: Inglês/Alemão

Autor/Artista: CHOPIN

Arranjador: Ewald Zimmermann, DEDILHADO: Hans-Martin Theopold

Instrumento: Piano

Formato: Livro Físico / Partituras / 154 páginas

UPC: 884088174163

Transcrições para piano solo. Todas as Polnaises conhecidas de Chopin.

The polonaise made its first appearances in stylized dance music in the late 16th century. With his own polonaises, Chopin also declared his allegiance to his native Poland. In a way, the genre had fascinated him since his childhood. His earliest printed work was a Polonaise (KK IIa no. 1 in G minor), which he had written at the age of seven. The first three posthumously published Polonaises op. 71 as well as KK IVa nos. 1-3, 5 and 8 are juvenilia from the Warsaw years. The mature works begin with the seven great Polonaises op. 26 nos. 1 and 2, op. 40 nos. 1 and 2, op. 44 and 53, and, above all, the Polonaise-Fantaisie op. 61 of 1845/46, Chopin's last great piano work. With their mixture of festiveness and refinement, of power and suppleness, of heroic pathos and graceful charm, they all testify to the inimitable artistry of this great composer.


Polonaise opus 26 Nº 1
Polonaise opus 26 Nº 2
Polonaise opus 40 Nº 1
Polonaise opus 40 Nº 2
Polonaise opus 44
Polonaise opus 53
Polonaise opus 61
Polonaise opus 71 Nº 1
Polonaise opus 71 Nº 2
Polonaise opus 71 Nº 3
Polonaise KK IIa Nº 1
Polonaise KK IVa Nº 1
Polonaise KK IVa Nº 2
Polonaise KK IVa Nº 3
Polonaise KK IVa Nº 5
Polonaise KK IVa Nº 8