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2000 BLUES LICKS THAT ROCK! - Lawrence Fritts

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Código: 00109377

Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Lawrence Fritts

Instrumento: Guitarra

Formato: Livro Físico / Partitura /Tab / 420 páginas / 3 CDs

UPC: 884088792978

Os 2.000 licks deste livro estão organizados em 36 capítulos. Os capítulos exploram os diferentes timbres, ritmos, técnicas e métodos de fraseado encontrados no blues.  Você pode praticar usando as faixas de play-backs dos 3 CDs que acompanham o livro.

Acompanha 3 CDs

Hal Leonard

Sinopse Original:

The 2,000 licks in this book are organized into 36 chapters. These chapters explore the different pitches, rhythms, techniques, and methods of phrasing found in blues and blues-influenced guitar solos and fills. Use these licks to deliver heavy, yet ear-catching riffs. These can be played along with the 43 backing tracks included on the 3 CDs that come with this book. They are all written in the key of a C blues, while the backing tracks are played in the keys of E, A, D, G, C, F, and Bb. A handy table is included that shows how to transpose up or down from C to other blues keys. The backing tracks (performed by a live band in a studio) are all in the 12-bar blues form, but the licks do not necessarily have to be played over specific chords in the progression.