HOW TO COMP - A Study In Jazz Accompaniment - Hal Crook

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Código: ADV9030

Editora: Advance Music

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Hal Crook

Instrumento: Todos

Formato: Livro / CD / 174 páginas

Aprenda como acompanhar solos de jazz com este claro e completo livro do conceituadíssimo Hal Crook. Inclui exercícios práticos, exemplos gravados no CD, play along e práticas diárias. Desenvolvido para os pianistas e guitarristas de nível intermediário, é também indicado para todos os instrumentistas interessados em aprender acompanhamento e harmonia.


Advance Music

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How To Comp presents a clear, comprehensive one-step-at-a-time method for learning how to accompany an improvised jazz solo.

How To Comp organizes a vast amount of information into multiple areas of study, including:  building voicings (from 2 to 6 notes), stock voicings, constant structure voicings, voiceleading, independent lead lines, rhythmic interaction, rhythm vocabulary, rhythm motives, harmonic anticipations, embellishment, non-harmonic voicings, dividing and shifting attention, single-note-line comping, interacting with the soloist, and more.

How To Comp offers precise explanations, practical exercises, numerous recorded musical examples, daily practice routines, and three fully transcribed comping demonstrations (and play-along tracks) performed by the author on piano, with additional over-dubbed trombone solos played by the author as well.

How To Comp is for intermediate and advanced level players of harmonic instruments (i.e., piano, keyboards, guitar, vibes).  However, drummers, bass players and horn players will also benefit from its study.


"Hal has a great gift for time feel, counterpoint, note-choices, and spontaneous re-harmonization, all at a very high level of creativity and execution."

Jerry Coker

"In How To Comp, accomplished musician and author Hal Crook looks deeply into the nature and challenge of jazz accompaniment and puts into focus a direct, sure path to mastery."

OK L'Roach