Essential Tools For Soloing, Comping And Performing
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Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Mark White

Instrumento: Guitarra

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Todas as ferramentas para se tocar guitarra Jazz. Este método irá auxiliá-lo a dominar toda a teoria, técnica e conceito deste estilo:
• Usar e organizar escalas, modos, tríades, tétrades e estruturas quartais para criar um contexto harmônico jazzistico
• Criar e tocar voicings de acordes na linguagem Jazz, e usá-los dentro de um contexto
• Navegar nas progressões, formas e estruturas jazz
• Completar os diferentes papéis de um guitarrista: Solo - Acompanhamento - Membro da Jazz Ensemble
• Explorar conceitos para dominar as trocas de acordes e criar acompanhamentos para solistas ou banda
• Desenvolver o ouvido através dos exercícios de percepção e prática através do áudio online disponível.
• Acordes para acompanhamento (comping)
• Tocar com expressão
• Fraseado ao longo do Braço

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Learn the essential tools and skills for playing jazz guitar. This practical guidebook will help you master the theory, technique, and conceptual framework for how to play jazz: comping chords, soloing, and playing with expression, facility, and good hand health. The accompanying recording provides demonstrations of key technical concepts with play-along tracks to help you develop phrasing and location concepts on the fingerboard. It also provides examples to train your ear with call-and-response exercises similar to what you might be asked to perform at an audition or jury. A unique section on audition preparation for colleges and professional music programs, with an extended interview with Berklee College of Music's director of admissions, will help you advance in your career.

You will learn to:

  • Use and organize scales, modes, triads, tertian-based chords, and quartal structures to create an emblematic jazz harmonic context
  • Create and play guitar-friendly jazz chord voicings, and use them in context
  • Navigate jazz progressions and song forms
  • Fulfill the different roles a guitarist performs: soloist, accompanist, and ensemble member
  • Explore concepts to improvise a solo and "make" the changes, develop appropriate "comping" techniques for accompanying soloists or playing in an ensemble
  • Audition successfully, understanding what is likely to be required at an audition and what the judges are typically looking for in awarding admission and scholarships
  • Improve your ear by practicing the audio call-and-response and enclosed ear-training exercises

Mark White is a guitarist, composer, arranger, educator, and producer. He is a noted performer with an extensive musical track record and wide ranging experience from session and pit guitarist to featured artist at prominent festivals worldwide. Mark has taught at Berklee College of Music for over twenty years, where he is currently a senior professor of guitar, and he regularly auditions prospective students for the college. Along with a busy gig schedule in the New England region, he actively tours internationally, playing major festivals and giving master classes.

"Mark White is committed to understanding and teaching the complete guitar. His book is all about crafting the technique and language of jazz guitar, along with providing keys to preparation for college auditions. The book even includes a short reference history of jazz guitarists. I recommend The Practical Jazz Guitarist as a single place where questions about learning jazz guitar are answered." —John Pizzarelli

"Mark White has outdone himself with this incredible text for the advanced as well as entry level jazz guitarists. The chapter on preparing for the college audition is extremely valuable. I have not encountered another book that covers so many topics explained so beautifully." —Vic Juris