Rhythms and Multi-Pitches
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Editora: Hal Leonard maio

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Ron Delp

Instrumento: Bateria

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Reading Studies for Drums and Percussion traz uma empolgante experiência para bateristas de todos os níveis. Este método mostra conceitos que ajudarão o músico a visualizar melhor os padrões rítmicos, além de vários estudos para o desenvolvimento da leitura. Pode ser usado na bateria, como nos drum pads de diversos tamanhos ou qualquer superfície que possam ser tocadas pelas baquetas. Aprenda como tocar melodicamente e assim tornar-se um músico mais versátil para gravação em estúdio ou ao vivo.

Berklee Press
Hal Leonard

Sinopse Original:

Increase your flexibility on drum set and percussion. These exercises will help you move between instruments more accurately, while enhancing your reading ability for recording work, shows, and the theater pit. You will learn to play more melodically and generally become a more versatile musician. Recommended for all levels of drummer.

You will learn to:

.Develop a more melodic playing style
.Move more easily between instruments
.Practice reading multiple lines
.Push the boundaries of your playing

About the Author

Ron Delp is a drummer, vibraphonist, keyboardist, and music educator who has performed with the Boston Opera, Boston Ballet, Boston Bops; with Broadway shows in Boston and New York, and with artists such as Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, and Lainie Kazan. He taught drums at Berklee College of Music.


"This book fills a very important role in the study of Percussion, that of melody! Too much percussion literature lacks studies that deal with melody. Here, Ron Delp has done just that—created multiple pitch studies for drums. This book can be used for drum set, timbales, tympani, congas, (tumbadoras), bongos—literally any percussion instrument. It will encourage drummers and percussionists to think more melodically and also promote good reading skills."

John Ramsay, Chair of the Percussion Department, Berklee College of Music

Previously published as "Multi-Pitch Rhythm Studies for Drums."