BERKLEE - JAZZ BASS - Rich Appleman, Bruce Gertz, Whit Browne

Acoustic & Electric
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Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Rich Appleman, Bruce Gertz, Whit Browne

Instrumento: Baixo

Formato: Livro / Audio Online / Partituras / 112 páginas

UPC: 884088589103

Aprimore as suas habilidades no baixo acústico ou elétrico. Este livro vai ajudá-lo a expandir sua técnica básica para criar linhas de baixo, grooves e solos melodicamente interessantes. 166 faixas de áudio, disponíveis online, de demonstrações e play-alongs. Linhas de baixo e solos extraídos de progressões de standards de jazz.

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Berklee Press

Sinopse Original:

Learn the art of jazz bass. Whether you are new to playing jazz or wish to hone your skills, and whether you play acoustic or electric bass, this book will help you expand your basic technique to create interesting and grooving bass lines and melodically interesting solos. Included are 166 audio tracks of demonstrations and play-alongs, featuring a complete jazz combo playing bass lines and solos over standard jazz progressions.


“Berklee Jazz Bass is a book that leaves no stone unturned of 'for-real' information to become a well grounded and in demand bassist. All of the information given is clearly stated and gives the aspiring bassist what he/she must have to be called upon to make the band 'rock,' no matter the style.” –
Rufus Reid/Jazz Bassist/Composer, author of The Evolving Bassist

“With an astonishing total of about 120 years teaching experience between them, there is nothing about jazz bass playing or jazz music in general that you can't learn from these gentlemen. The concepts put forth in this book are clear, concise, and correct. I highly recommend it.” –
Victor Bailey

“Rich Appleman, Whit Browne, and Bruce Gertz are experienced musicians and legendary educators. In their book Berklee Jazz Bass, they've joined forces to produce a masterful 'must-have' collection of knowledge that can benefit any bassist looking to improve. I'm definitely using it!” –
Victor Wooten