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Código: 00222519

Editora: Hal Leonard

Idioma: Inglês

Autor/Artista: Rob Thomas

Instrumento: Violino

Formato: Livro Físico / Audio Online / 120 páginas

UPC: 888680671259

O aclamado músico multi-instrumentista de jazz Rob Thomas traz um novo olhar sobre as escalas de violino para a era moderna. Diagramas de uma única corda • Diagramas de quatro cordas • Exercícios de modos e arpejos • Acompanhamento de Play-Along • e muito mais! As faixas de áudio estão disponíveis on-line para acompanhamento.

“Através de exercícios, recursos visuais e abordagens de dedilhado, Rob Thomas apresenta uma abordagem detalhada e lógica para instrumentistas de quatro cordas sem traste para entender e navegar as escalas e mudanças de acordes. Ele mapeou uma maneira prática de entender as aplicações de harmonia e dedilhado de jazz, que são essenciais para tocar jazz. ” Regina Carter.

Berklee Press

Sinopse Original:

Acclaimed jazz multi-instrumentalist Rob Thomas brings a fresh look at violin scales for the modern age. Chapters in this book cover: • Single-String Frames • Four-String Frames • Mode and Arpeggio Exercises • Using Play-Along Accompaniment • and more! Play-along audio tracks are included online for accompaniment, as you begin to explore this previously uncharted but essential territory.


“Through notated exercises, visual aids, and fingering approaches, Rob Thomas presents a detailed and logical approach for four-stringed fretless instrumentalists to understand and navigate scales and chord changes. He has mapped out a practical way to understand jazz harmony and fingering applications that are essential to playing jazz.” – Regina Carter

“In the 1990s, one evening, I heard Rob Thomas playing the Clifford Brown tune 'Daahoud.' He played such a beautiful and musical solo, in such an effortless way, I still remember it to this day. It was a tune I always found challening – with the inconvenient key centers of C-flat major and E-flatmin(Maj7), and then ending in E major. I often wondered what methods or thinking Rob had used to get the results I heard, as he burned through this tune.

Now, with this book, Rob offers a full disclosure of his approach. It is so clearly written and its ideas are expressed so transparently that I will be using it as a method book with my students – as well as working out of it myself to solve some problems that still plague me. I recommend this book to all violinists and violists who want to unlock the mysteries of improvising in all twelve tonalities. Rob, thank you for your great contribution!” – Mark Feldman

“Great book for violinists who are eager to learn what improvisation is about, and to help keep in technical and mental shape those who already know.” – Jean-Luc Ponty
“The nuts and bolts of violinistic liberation!” – Jenny Scheinman
“Rob Thomas's A Modern Method for Violin Scales belongs in the library – and in the fingers – of every serious violinist. For many years, Rob's approach has laid the essential technical foundation for violinists of all genres at Berklee College of Music. Time and again, his systematic approach to mastering all diatonic modes in all twelve keys has produced immediate and far-reaching results.

In my estimation, this scale system represents as significant a contribution to the violin literature as the timeless scale methods of Carol Flesch and Ivan Galamian. Moreover, Rob's approach addresses contemporary musical language, harmony, ear training, and improvisation – aspects that are sorely lacking from historical scale methods.

My students and I have reaped tremendous dividends from internalizing and practicing Rob's system. You and your students will too.” – David Wallace, Chair of the String Department, Berklee College of Music