BERKLEE - MODERN JAZZ VOICINGS - Guide to Jazz Arranging - Ken Pullig

Arranging For Small And Medium Ensembles
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Este abrangente método mostra como adicionar cor, personalidade e sofisticação nos chord voicings. Os tópicos incluídos são: selecionando as tensões harmônicas apropriadas, entendendo a harmonia do jazz, experimentando combinações incomuns e muito mais. No audio, disponível online, que acompanha este livro você terá exemplos de várias técnicas de arranjo. As faixas de áudio estão disponíveis online, juntamente com um player digital multifuncional (Playback+), que permite alterar o andamento sem alterar o tom, definir pontos específicos para tocar (loop), alterar o tom, além de balanço direita/esquerda

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How do you get that modern jazz sound?

Performers and Arrangers: Add color, character, and sophistication to your chord voicings. Learn to use fourths, clusters, upper-structure triads, and other advanced arranging and performing techniques for three to six parts.

This is the definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music.

Through a step-by-step process with exercises and recorded examples, the authors guide you through the intricacies of deriving "non-tertial" voicings from the right chord scales and applying them to various musical situations.

Become fluent in these techniques and use them effectively to express your own music:

.Select appropriate harmonic tensions and understand jazz harmony
.Avoid common mistakes and overcome harmonic ambiguity
.Experiment with unusual combinations and non-traditional alignments, mixing in other textures, including solo, linear, and contrapuntal passages
.Listen to arranging techniques performed on the audio online and follow along with corresponding notated examples
.Apply new techniques using the Suggested Activities pages; great for assignments or home use
.Hear arrangers and players use these voicings to create their characteristic sounds with recommended recordings.